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Plexus® Plastic Cleaner

Finally - the most effective polish you can use for your airplane!

Plexus Cleans Airplane windows...   
  • CLEANS. Powerful, safe cleaning without abrasives. Out-performs all competitors. 
  • PROTECTS. Seals the pores of the plastic, keeping out contaminants and harsh chemicals. 
  • QUICK. Spray on and wipe off application reduces man hours. 
  • CONVENIENT. Aerosol can stores without evaporating and delivers exact amount intended. 
  • EXTENDS WINDOW LIFE SPAN. Deacreases window replacement frequency, reducing life cycle costs. 
  • ANTI-STATIC. Stays cleaner, longer. 
  • APPROVED FOR USE. Approved by aicraft window manufacturers. 
Plexus Plastic Cleaner 

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